Restoration services for your windows in Adelaide

Are you looking for a team of craftsmen to restore your windows to their former glory? Give our team at Marion Glass The Window doctor a call to discuss you needs and we can provide you with a free site visit and quotation for our professional restoration services. Our window restoration services include:

New Sills

At Marion Glass The Window doctor, we build new sills and half sills depending on your requirements. The repair consists of removing the old sill and replacing it with a new one. Then sealing the sill to prevent water ingression. We also do half sills repairs. Please enquire with your requirement.

Glazing Repairs

We offer a glazing service for all types of glass and glazing including Safety glass. In most cases this is a same day service.


The ropes that counter balance the sashes and are attached to the weights inside the pockets of the frame are another common repair to sash windows. We replace these using only the best quality cotton heavy duty sash cord.

New Sashes

We can supply and fit new sashes when required. These are traditionally made where the joints are mortised and tenon and can match existing sash and case windows. The new sashes come glazed as required. They can also be painted with or without a white undercoat on request.

New Windows

We manufacture sash and casement windows to the very highest standard . We manufacture both single and double glazed sash casement windows to the specification you require. And convert double hung openings to awing with winders and screen as required.

Window spiral balance repairs

Sash Windows are a popular form of glass window which allow for efficient ventilation and a traditional look to your windows.

Sash Balancers are required to aid in the motion of the sliding of the top and bottom window panels. Improper or poor installation or balancing results in heavy windows that are difficult to move and can snag making their movement difficult.

A Sash Balance is a carefully engineered device consisting of a torsion spring and spiral rod, encased in rigis A.B.S. material, which equalises the weight of the sash and balances it precisely throughout its movements up and down. The Sash Balance is constructed with a corrosion-proof stainless steel foot. Shock absorbing stops should be fitted to prevent damage to sashes.

Selecting the correct balance unit in a Weight and Size range to meet the sash weight requirements is important in getting the window working correctly .

Units are available with either a Standard foot attached or without foot.

Having problems with your aluminium or timber double hung windows? This usually means the spiral balances need replacing. This involves several factors that you cannot afford to get wrong So please call Marion Glass The Window Doctor for peace of mind in the ordering and fitting of your balances.