Do you have wood rot in your windows

woodrootYes it can be fixed without total removal of the timber frame saving you thousands of dollars. Giving you many years of life back to your window if the maintenance and paint are kept up. In most cases if not too bad and the wood rot does not extend into the inner part of the window frame with some careful removal of the affected areas the window can be restored giving you a good solid frame again.

My windows are painted shut?

windowpaintedshutAre you windows painted shut? Often when you get the interior of your house painted, the window frames can get painted shut. This is an annoying problem, however at Marion Glass we can fix it easily. A simply call to our team and your windows will be working smoothly again in no time. Call our experienced tradesmen now on 8377 1027 to book an appointment.

Are your springs not working?

sb3Are you having problem with the springs in your window? These springs are technically called spiral balances and help your window move up and down. Springs usually have a life span of about 10 years and after this time will most likely snap. If your springs are broken your window will not move properly. Our team of tradesmen can get your windows working smoothly again by replacing the springs. If you would like to book us to fix your springs, give us a call on 8377 1027.

Are your ropes (sash cords) broken and the window won’t stay up?

Broken RopesHave you tried opening your window but it won’t stay up? This is a common problem that effects many households but can be easily fixed. The problem is most likely caused by broken sash cords (ropes) that need to be replaced. Simply call out our experienced tradesmen and your windows will be working smoothly again in no time. To find out more about how we can help with your sash cords, contact our friendly staff on 8377 1027.